Kelly Packard

I have never really “had to” work out. I have been very blessed in that respect. However after I had baby # 2 something happened. The weight wasn’t falling off like it did with baby #1 and I was stuck at this uncomfortable weight I had never been at before and just not feeling very good. I decided I was going to have to work it off. UGH~ I gave it some thought and was deciding between spending my money on either an elliptical machine or a personal trainer. Thank goodness I chose the latter.

I went and inquired at the gym by my house about who was a good trainer? The manager immediately said “BROOKE”. He said she was perfect for me! I met her the next week and he was absolutely right. After one meeting I knew we would become friends, but I took one look at her body and knew that was what I wanted. I loved that she really listened to me and made a workout plan to fit me. We worked really hard for 6 months and I was back to feeling good and in shape to shoot my next job. Some told me that I looked the best I have ever looked. We did a lot of pilates. Which I grew to LOVE!!! She incorporated things that I like to do. IE: jumprope. She even helped me to eat better, which was no small task! I can honestly say that was the best money I have ever spent! I have since moved away from NY and from Brooke. We are still very good friends just as I predicted and I took away priceless insight and advice from her that I still use when working out today. I haven’t had a trainer since. No one would be able to compare!!!

Michelle Gabriel

Brooke is hands down the best trainer out there!  She has completely changed my life for the better.  My first experience with Brooke was when I signed up for her Pilates Reformer class.  At that point, I had never taken a reformer class in my life, but I was drawn to it because I would see how happy her clients came out of her class, as well as after they trained.  I thought I just had to see for myself what this Brooke Taylor was really all about.  Soon behold, Pilates Reformer class was my favorite thing to do on my Saturday mornings.  Her class structure, routines, and techniques are rigorous and precise.  She makes working out look so easy and so fun!  She demands a lot from her clients, and her clients never fail to give her their very best.  The
one unique quality about training with Brooke is you NEVER EVER want to disappoint her, whether it is in a classroom, or in the personal training section…. You give it all you got!

After I got engaged in 2011, I knew that I had to step up my workout plan, and I wanted Brooke right there by my side for it.  We trained two times a week, and she structured a program just for me.  She is all about her clients, they are her life, she constantly calls and texts them to make sure they are on the right track whether they are in the gym or at home.  She’s a trainer that knows so much about the human body, you trust everything she says and know nothing can go wrong while training because she’s always one step ahead of you.  I can’t begin to even describe how great she made me feel.  On my wedding day I was all smiles, I knew I worked my tush off for the last 3 months and that I was in the best shape of my life.  I received so many compliments throughout my months of training with her and it just made me feel beautiful inside and out.

Brooke is still a lifelong friend, and that’s something you can’t say about most trainers.  Although, I moved out of her area and don’t train nearly as much as I want with her, I still talk to her every week just to say hi, see how the family is, or just to tell her THANK YOU one more time.  When I went to my new gym, the trainers there
asked me where did I get such good form and technique from… I said Brooke Taylor, as if they knew her!

If I would give you one last thought about Brooke…it would be this….She’s an inspiration, she’s your motivation, she’s your teammate, your coach, your mentor, and she will never let you down.  If there can be more Brooke Taylor’s in the world, the world would definitely be a better and healthier place, but for right now, the one and only Brooke Taylor is really the best trainer out there!

Michelle Gabriel

Frank Arcabascio

I’m an athletic sports minded person and enjoy playing all sports. Basketball,biking,swimming and Yoga have been my favorite over the last few years. But my schedule has been so busy that when I finally made time to exercise I realized that I was getting out of shape.

Brooke has been a client and friend for over 6 years and we have spoken about sports and exercise often. Her advise has always been great. She was the “go to” professional for me knowing that I needed help.

After a thorough consultation, She developed a program for me …We Started in August …. Weekly encouragement and evolving training sessions …by Mid December I feel that I’m in the best shape ever…

I’m a raving fan of the Brooke Taylor fitness experience!

Cait Kelly

Brooke is a gem! Our story: for as long as I can remember I have suffered from some health complications (not life threatening, but uncomfortable enough to feel restricted at times). I now understand that these complications were the result of misalignment,  the inability to activate certain muscle groups, and other anatomical ignorance. I took it upon myself to explore options beyond the surgery and/or prescriptions that were presented to me by doctors as “solutions” to my issues, and started looking for a trainer to help me really get to know my body and hopefully, realize its potential. A friend from work pointed me toward Brooke. Brooke’s focus, patience and motivation are in constant supply, which are essential qualities when working with clients like me who start out frustrated. I’m grateful to have met Brooke, and owe my improved quality of life to her guidance and profound mentorship!

–Cait Kelly, Manhattan

Jason Leier

I first sought out Brooke as a trainer three years ago. I had hurt my back at work and before I turned to Brooke I had tried everything from pain medication to physical rehab and nothing worked. My first day with Brooke was spent figuring out what I wanted to gain from working with her and trying to assess where I was at physically so she could develop a program that was unique to me and made sure I could accomplish my goals. I will be honest I was skeptical at first. Prior to working with Brooke the only type of training I did was lifting weights and the only trainers I had used were men. I wasn’t sure if a female trainer would be able to motivate me and at the same time know enough about training males that I would be able to reach my desired goals. You know what they say when you make assumptions and I promise you this was one of those times. Not only did Brooke get me into great shape, but my back was stronger than ever. After I finished my sessions with Brooke I made another huge mistake. I thought I could continue without her. A couple of months after I left Brooke I started to fall out of shape and another year down the road I found myself in the same situation hurting my back at work. At least this time I knew immediately who to turn to. I started to train with Brooke again and not only did she help me return to work, but she had me feeling so good I decided to sign up and play recreational sports for the first time since college. Unfortunately that did not play out the way I had hoped. During one of my games I broke my wrist. I thought this would put me out of commission and all the work I had done would go to the way side. Instead of letting me sit on my couch and become a lazy bum Brooke developed a program around my injury and had me at the gym with cast and all. Once my rehab started she was right there changing up my program as I continued to improve and I haven’t looked back. I can say the results speak for themselves. Everywhere I go people are always complimenting me on how healthy I look and ask me what’s the secert to my success? I tell them there’s no secert I have the best trainer in the business. I guess what I am trying to get across in a long winded way is if you want to look the best you ever have and feel the healthiest you ever have then train with Brooke. From day one you get a trainer that not only develops a unique program towards you and your goals, but also knows more about fitness/health than anyone I have ever worked with and will teach you ways to train you never knew existed. And if you are male and you feel self conscious working with female as I did – I dare to give Brooke a try and I promise you’ll never want to train with another person again.

Pearl Thomas

I’m a professional actor and model and I constantly have to work on sculpting my body. My workouts started to plateau and I wasn’t getting the results I was used to in the past. When I started working with Brooke she eased me in to the next phase of listening to my body and put together an awesome workout system for me. She inspires me to be consistent with my workouts while integrating a diet that compliments my lifestyle. Brooke allows me to appreciate the journey of accomplishing my goals and living a healthier life personally and professionally.

Michaela Murray

Brooke is AMAZING!! I am so grateful to have her as my trainer, you have know idea!! Over the past few years I have taken pilates classes, done one on one training and most recently inlisted her help for running the New York City Marathon. With her training my body felt strong and so did I. She even came to cheer me on and believe me, I was so happy to see her!! Brooke is a perfectionist with an eye for detail. Whether its watching your body to make sure your doing the exercises correctly or printing out a running schedule so you can train on your own. She is always movitating you to do your best. She’s my biggest cheerleader and I am so glad to have her in my corner. I always look forward to seeing Brooke for our training sessions. She really helped me transform my body, Also she takes the extra time to check up on me when we aren’t training. I need that extra little push to help get me to the gym and workout by myself and she does that for me! She goes above and beyond to help you achieve your best, and I for one am so appreciative and thankful for her hard work and dedication!!!

She Rocks!!!

Hannah Selinger

I have trained with Brooke for over two years now. She is incredibly reliable, consistent, and dedicated to helping me reach my fitness goals. During the time we have trained together, I have become more fit, more toned, and a more successful athlete. She holds her clients accountable with monthly weigh-ins and weekly fitness homework and, most importantly, she makes herself available for consultations outside of the gym. I am fortunate to call her both a trainer and a friend. If you are looking for an inspirational figure to help transform your body and keep you on target, Brooke Taylor and Taylored Fitness will work for you.

Danielle Ebner

Brooke Taylor is truly inspirational. Her kind words and unparalleled support always push me past a point where I may have given up on my own. She is extremely knowledgeable with numerous (dozens? Hundreds?) certifications in different forms of exercise. We do Pilates and functional training together, and she is always keeping our routine fresh and fluid. That keeps my interest piqued and my body progressing the right direction. I have lost weight, gained muscle, built up stamina, toned up and I feel much more confident in my skin. She has helped me feel amazing with who I am physically and so proud of how strong I have become. I would highly recommend Taylored Fitness to anyone looking to bring themselves to that next level.

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Keith Buckler

Hello, my name is Keith. I was a scrawny, out of shape sixty three year old. Then I met Brooke.
Now, I am still thin BUT far stronger, as manifest both by the increased reps and weights at every station and exercise. In addition, I had a severe balance problem, that with Brooke’s help and coaching is quickly receding into just a bad memory.
Brooke, is this little bundle of proverbial sunshine, with endless good cheer and encouragement. At the same time, she is extremely knowledgeable both in the various exercise regimes and anatomy. Trust me, I have been severely hurt by trainers who lacked the latter. She will encourage and push you to strive to do better than you think you can. She is extremely patient, and really doesn’t mind(or at least masks it well) that you asked variations on the stupid question during the last four out of five sessions.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Kelly Noble

I have trained with Brooke for both one on one personal training sessions as well as group Pilate’s class since 2005. Brooke is one of the most inspirational motivating people I know. She is literally the best in her field and is constantly educating herself to improve even more. She goes above and beyond the term “trainer”, she is more of a life couch for whatever you and your body needs at the time. From day one, you know you are not just her client. Brooke really cares about you and works through life’s up and downs to ensure you are the best you can be and encourages you in the right direction. Brooke provides not only workouts that exceed what you ever thought you could do, but also monitors your nutrition with food journals and sends helpful healthy recipes and suggestions. Brooke is my resource for any aliment in life from knee pain to life’s pain. I have had weight management issues my whole life, but since working with Brooke I have dropped over 30lbs. She makes getting healthy seem easy and just makes it click.

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Mihaela Nair

I have been training with Brooke for the past two years. I had just started running and I needed help with building strength and endurance and becoming more active, overall. Brooke helped me reach my goal with functional training, Pilates and customized running programs. But above all, she made working out interesting and fun and kept me motivated through the lows. Brooke is a fitness fanatic and it shows. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and I am touched by her genuine caring for my health and well-being. Simply stated, Brooke is the trainer I want in my corner.

Abby Gray

Brooke has been my Pilates instructor, my personal trainer, and, most recently she helped me work towards my own goal of becoming a Pilates instructor myself. Brooke is fun, patient and easy to work with, and she gives me the motivation I need to want to work out on my own time. She gave me workouts that I could remember on my own, and then she added variations so that I wouldn’t get bored doing the same workout every day. I am a dancer and Brooke used to be a dancer as well, so she really understands my injuries and limitations whereas many personal trainers do not. She provided me with challenging workouts that make sure I am maximizing my workout without injuring myself further, and she gave me exercises to help me with my knee problems. Brooke also incorporates the basic principles of Pilates into all of the workouts, which makes the workouts even more effective. She uses the breathing pattern of STOTT Pilates, which not only helps the client to remember to breathe, but also helps to engage the core abdominal muscles throughout the workout.

When training for my Pilates instructor test, Brooke tutored me to help me prepare. We went through an overview of all aspects of the test, and then Brooke focused on the things that I needed the most work on. She gave me homework and study tips that really helped me to feel prepared for the written portion. For the practical, Brooke spent a lot of time helping me with my cueing. She gave me ideas for good imagery to use, and helped me to explain the exercises in a way that the client could understand. Brooke is extremely knowledgeable about Pilates, human anatomy, and the purpose of each exercise, and she was able to answer all of my questions in detail.

Brooke has been a great inspiration to me in both my own career as well as on my own personal fitness journey, and anyone would be lucky to work with her.

Julie Ho

I started working with Brooke after at least 2 attempts in the last 10 years to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight on my own. I was always overweight as a child and teenager, and as an adult I understood finally that I was an emotional eater from a young age, trying to comfort myself with food. I was never active in sports and naturally gravitated to being a bookworm. I hid behind my weight and used it as a shield to deflect attention.

I would plateau after losing about 25 lbs: following Weight Watchers in 2001 I lost about 27 lbs, and then in 2009 working out 5 days a week 2 times a day without the help of a trainer I lost about 22 lbs. I didn’t understand why my body wasn’t seeing more results — more weight loss– despite continuing to exercise at the same pace. I was stuck. The weight would creep back on.

I understood the importance of having a healthy BMI and maintaining a healthy weight, and keeping all the levels normal: blood pressure, cholesterol, and so on. I remembered how I felt when I was exercising, I was strong, nimble. However, life gets in the way: job stresses and personal life stresses caused me to revert to old habits such as poor eating and little to no exercising.

The last straw came in summer of 2011 when I realized that the clothes that fit 2 years ago were too small, again. I knew at that point that I was ready to enlist a professional to help me achieve my goals: healthy BMI and healthy weight, feeling strong, flexible, fast. Enter Brooke, who was recommended by a friend. He had worked with Brooke in the past and felt that the connection would be a good one. I was ready to commit. I knew it would take work — there is no magic bullet. And I was determined to break past the plateaus I had experienced before.

At 4 months into my training regimen with Brooke, I was seeing noticeable results: inches lost all around, a smaller number on the scale, and my clothes from 2 years ago not only fit more easily but were starting to get looser. My creaky shoulder was getting better with stabilization exercises, while my old hip injury was also improving and no longer nagging at me. I signed up to work with Brooke around the same time I started a new job that was very stressful. The exercise routine has been the only way for me to manage the intensity of the job, and keeping to healthy eating habits and recording everything in a food journal has been both easy and challenging at different times.

If you are ready to commit, Brooke will be your partner in your journey. I am glad I made that commitment and I am glad she is my partner.

Jon Higgins

Brooke is my guardian workout angel.

I often ignore the limitations of my body, I admit it. I’m only 32 years old, but in my heart I think I’m 20, so I get injured… a LOT. In the last 6 months alone I’ve separated a shoulder playing football, then I sprained an ankle and broke a knuckle playing basketball. When I injured myself in the past, I would grow impatient while I healed and rush back to the gym, only to set myself back even further.

Brooke has changed all that. Because of Brooke, I lost 10 pounds in the last 10 weeks, even WITH my injuries. She adapted my workouts around my limitations and still got me the results I was looking for. She doesn’t just motivate you to push yourself, she educates you on how to push yourself, safely.

Dianne Ciro

Brooke’s been great! I’ve seen my body transform and feel great thanks to her. She’s patient, accommodating and works at your pace while still pushing you. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to my overall health!

Heidy Pashinin

Thank you for being such an inspiration, your motivation, knowledge and precision is off the hook. I came to you for guidance and in a few sessions i got an education, a changed perspective and tremendous amount of body energy. Your nickname should be Power House, you make Pilates both fun and challenging. Thank you Brooke! Master Trainer and Stotts Pilates Instructor

Eva Altobelli

Brooke Taylor is the best master trainer I have ever worked with, I have been exercising my whole life. It wasn’t until I started working with Brooke in my mid thirties, that I saw real changes. She has the ability to see strengths and weaknesses in individual muscle groups just by watching us walk, hence she can cater the exercise to each individual even in a group setting. I worked with Brooke through my pregnancy and a few months afterwords I felt healthy and people could not believe I just had a baby, not to mention the exercise program she had me on strengthened all the right stuff so carrying and giving birth was amazingly fast and easy, and the bounce back so fast! Aside from the fact that I feel healthier, my husband comments on Brookes work all the time, he’s so glad I found her too. When we talk about moving one of my major concerns is moving away from Brooke!

Danielle Johnson

I’ve known Brooke for over 6 years and have taken Pilates reformer group classes with her for years as well. Before I worked with Brooke myself, I could tell just from seeing her in the gym that she was a great trainer– she was very focused with her clients. Plus, they got visible results! Brooke is also very conscious of her own fitness, which I think is important if you are going to be advising others.

During Pilates classes, Brooke is always aware of everyone’s individual needs while also moving the entire class along at a good pace. She is also very good at cueing, which definitely cannot be said of all fitness instructors! When I haven’t taken Pilates in a while, I notice a difference almost immediately, even though I try to replicate some of the mat exercises on my own. In particular, my spine is less flexible and my core not as stable and flat. If I didn’t already have a career, I would want to become an instructor myself. Thanks to Brooke, I’m a total convert!!

Recently, Brooke helped me train for my second marathon. When I ran my first marathon in Fall 2009, I trained on my own from a program I found online. I was happy with my finish time of about 4:05 but injured my knee the week after the race (from walking!) simply because my body was so worn down from training.

When I decided to run another marathon in Fall 2010, Brooke put together a program for me. My goal was to run under 4 hours, which is about a 9:10 average pace. To get started, Brooke asked me about my previous race times as well as personal details like age, weight, previous injuries, and resting heart rate. The schedule she created included not only distances per day and week, but also pace runs, speedwork, and hills. She included target heart rates for the runs as well. At first I wasn’t sure that I could follow it– it seemed more intense than my first program. But during training, I realized that it was exactly what I needed to feel confident and healthy heading into the race.

In addition to putting together a great program, Brooke advised me on targeted stretches; my hamstrings and lower back are often tight, which becomes distracting during long runs. She also showed me exercises that would help with the imbalances that can occur with running (probably one of the reasons I got injured before), and I continue to use them in my weekly routine. During the last few weeks of training (during the taper), she advised me on the types of meals to eat in order to restore my glycogen stores, which get depleted throughout the months of training. Most importantly, Brooke was always there to answer any questions I had– you could not find a more conscientious trainer anywhere.

I’m happy to report that I ran a 3:58 at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC, a full seven minutes faster than my previous marathon! And not only was I happy with my time, I was also happy with my recovery. I really believe this was due to Brooke’s training program. I felt so much better in the days and weeks both before and after this marathon than I had the first time around. Now when I speak to people who want to try long distance running or improve their results, I suggest that they consult a trainer for a personalized program– and I mention Brooke specifically!

Eugenia Chapman

I was fortunate enough to train with Brooke for more than a year. The trainer I was with before had decided to leave the gym and I was left with a choice of trainers. I couldn’t ask for more when I got Brooke! She kicked my ass, and I am not afraid to use the word here because it is very hard to express the amount of effort she put into making me sweat. I never had so much sweat come off of me in my entire life and I was very used to working out with personal trainers. She is so educated and professional in her field that you couldn’t find anyone to beat her standard. She is fun, very easy to talk to and makes the session fly by. I worked out with her in the months before my wedding and let me tell you that she made me look so fit that I couldn’t believe it myself! The pictures came out looking amazing and all thanks to her, she was on top of me to keep my cardio going in between the sessions and really concentrated on specific areas to perfect my body.

I would recommend her to anyone whether it is to lose weight, tone up or just feel better she will certainly do her best so you can attain your goals.

P.S. Her weekly “recipe of the week” emails are just adorable and healthy and yummy.

Cole Kazdin

When I first saw Brooke I noticed two things. One, she had the best body of anyone at the entire gym. And two, she was making her client do crunches. A lot of crunches. When the client asked to stop, Brooke said, “You can do it! Try one more!” and sure enough, the client did. The whole time they were laughing! Who laughs during crunches? I said to myself: This is the kind of trainer I want.

My goals were general – to lose a little weight, to tone up. Brooke listened, while she made her own evaluations. She has the remarkable skill of being able to tailor a workout and entire program to an individual. She gently helped me form new habits. She was patient and helped me to be patient with myself. I had a serious back injury that prevented me from running. Gradually, alternating walking with short bursts of speeding up, she was able to train me to run again – something no physical therapist had been able to do!

She combined cardio with weights and even Pilates to strengthen every muscle in my body. She also monitored food logs I kept, and worked with me to eat more frequently and more healthily. More than anything though, her encouragement was invaluable to me. More important than any results (and boy, did I see results!), Brooke’s loving voice in my head, cheerleading me on, encouraging me to keep on with those crunches, laughing all the while, STILL keeps me going, no matter where I am.

Tania O’Neill

For over 15 years, I have been a dedicated gym attendee participating in several activities including my favorites such as running, boxing, circuit training and yoga. About six years ago, I decided to take a stab at Pilates to broaden my exercise routine after hearing so many of the benefits that Pilates offered. I took my first class with Brooke and immediately fell in love with Pilates! I began taking Pilates twice a week. The instruction I received from Brooke is one of a very high level. She ensures that you are doing the moves correctly and encourages you to challenge yourself to advance.

Pilates has totally changed my body from inside out and brought about a whole new personality. Each session is a journey as well as a learning experience. Pilates has made me h2er, leaner and taught me that I can challenge my body in new ways. My posture changed and became more erect and I have more muscle tone all over my body, especially in my abs. One of the most important aspects for me is the emphasis placed on abdominal strength and usage. There is continual abdominal engagement and use throughout Pilates movements. It is almost impossible to execute most exercises without working one’s abs. I have begun to learn to work all parts of my body from a healhty and healthier abdominal base which carries over into my daily activities. I also love the movement and coordination that Pilates incorporates. I feel like my whole body is involved.

Brooke contributes a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and experience to my Pilates workouts. I am constantly challenged by new exercises. Now that I am pregnant, I have switched to Prenatal Pilates and continue to reap all the benefits. Brooke incorporates a variety of exercises and maintains a balanced approach which continues to consistently challenge me while pregnant. She always places emphasis on breathing and form and ends each session with enhanced stretching moves, especially crucial in my condition. Each time I leave my sessions with Brooke, I find myself de-stressed, re-aligned, stretched and strengthened.

I am amazed at the time and care Brooke puts in to ensure I do things correctly and get the most value from the exercise. I wholeheartedly recommend Brooke for all she has done for me and for her energy, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm!

Kings Park, NY

Beth Kelly

I began working with Brooke three years ago after wanting to try Pilates for some time. I had taken mat classes through my gym but was ready for the Reformer. I was instantly impressed with Brooke’s knowledge of repertoire and technique, though, even more impressive was her knowledge of the body. I have learned more about my body in my time with her than ever before. My goal going into my Pilates experience was to gain overall strength and flexibility. Due to my work with Brooke I not only have accomplished that goal, I have better understanding of the results I see. My weekly sessions with her keep me physically fit and mentally sharp!

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Ken Rabe

Brooke is great. She gives you her 100% every session. She challenges you, makes you work hard and always makes it fun.

John Friedel

I have been a client of Brooke’s for over three years. I originally began a program with her due to her sub- specialization in physical rehabilitation therapy as applied through Pilates. I had been medically diagnosed with herniated, ruptured and fractured discs which resulted in constant pain and restricted mobility. Brooke thoroughly and competently assessed my then current physical condition and limitations and went on to design a program that gradually increased my overall flexibility, core muscle strength and control. The goal was to both strengthen and loosen the back muscles to provide relief from pressure, strengthen the core muscles to bring about a better balance in back strength and to correct imbalances in the muscle structure that had occurred in compensating for my injuries.

Brooke’s initial program was successful resulting in both an overall reduction in pain and discomfort and an increase in both physical ability and activity. Flexibility, balance and strength were all improved. As the goals of the initial program were met and maintained, Brooke has designed additional programs to both maintain and challenge my body. We have continued to work together to identify other health factors (diet, sleep patterns, training schedules, etc.) which adversely affect me. In addition to her Pilates training, Brooke’s on-going training in nutrition has resulted in identifying certain sensitivities that were affecting my training results.

Overall, I have found Brooke to be a thorough and complete professional in her application of time, energy and focus in her field and profession. Additionally, she has consistently demonstrated her devotion to designing individual programs rather than applying a cookie cutter approach to training and therapy. She has constantly striven to increase her level of training and knowledge in Pilates and in any other field, such as nutrition, that may have a bearing on her clients’ well-being. She has taken the additional step of passing certifications in national and international programs to quantify her offerings. In all areas, I have had a tremendous level of success, in no small part due to Brooke’s dedication and drive. I can and do recommend her in the h2est terms possible.November 20, 2010

Bernadett Vajda

“I’m a 5’10, plus-size model and was looking for someone to get my mind and body into shape for my career, for myself and to just feel good.

When you look at Brooke, you see a petite, soft spoken and apparently gentle person. However, Brooke was able to get into my head to help me work through my weaknesses and emphasize my strengths in a manner that pushed me to my limits. While it has always been my responsibility, my effort and my eating habits that got me to where I am now, the workouts with Brooke have showed me how I can change the shape of my body with the right exercises. My June 2010 swimsuit cover for a magazine was 100% a result of Brooke’s constant dedication to me and my goals as a professional and as a woman who just wants to feel good in her own skin.”

Tara Whelan

Brooke Taylor is the trainer that every girl(or guy)wants! Not only is she knowledgeable, she is highly motivating. She plans workouts that allow you to go beyond what you thought possible. On the days you don’t feel like exercising she gently pushes you through the workout with a smile on her face. Brooke also gives you a plan you can follow on your own, offers sound advice about physical fitness and nutrition, sends motivating emails and texts, and shares healthy recipes. Brooke is the perfect trainer for anyone with a busy, active lifestyle!

Uschi Brunner

Brooke is a superstar! To me, she is the most inspirational, motivational and simply best trainer you can possibly find. Highly educated in her field, she customizes her routine around your goals and really cares about you, your health and your fitness. You will look better than ever and more importantly feel better than ever!

Her encouragement makes every training session easy and she inspired me to take it to the next level. So when I decided to train for the ING NY Marathon she provided undivided attention and support. Her training plan was not only easy to follow but made the whole training fun. Could not have done it without her! Thank you Brooke for everything.

Enrica Sacca

Training with Brooke Taylor has been a total life change. As a 50 year old, Type A business woman, she has managed to slow me down and yet increase my cardio fitness to an elite level. I have acquired total faith in her training. Month after month, year after year, it has been a challenge with a rewarding and constant physical evolution. I feel ten years younger!