Are you expecting?

Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant in the near future??? Learn how to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy. Statistics show that regular activity during your pregnancy actually aids in brain development of the fetus, keeps the musculature around the spine balanced from the change in weight distribution, balances your stress levels, reduce side effects, aids in delivery, as well as helps you get your body back post delivery. What woman do you know that does not yearn to look and feel better after carrying around 20lbs of additional weight? The more active you maintain during your pregnancy the easier it will be to get those extra pounds off after.

PLEASE note that you MUST consult with your physician before engaging in any physical activity.


Pilates Pilates Brooke Taylor is a certified STOTT PILATES ® Instructor Trainer certifying new instructors nationally and internationally. Functional Training Functional Training Designed to safely and effectively create exercises that mimic movements that aid in every day life or sports specific tasks. Pre / Post Natal Pre / Post Natal Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? Learn how to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy. Bootcamp Bootcamp Bootcamp is designed to challenge you mentally and physically through high circuit interval training utilizing your body weight. Bridal Shape Up Bridal Shape Up Ready to raise a few eyebrows and wow the crowd as you walk down the aisle? Working with my "bride to be" is my favorite. Weight Management Weight Management With this program we will bring you more in tune with your body and discover what you need to do. Marathon Training Marathon Training I will help you design a program and set attainable goals from your current running status/history.