Do you want to feel better? Move better?

Functional training is designed to safe and effectively create exercises that mimic movements that aid in every day life or sports specific tasks. Each program is developed based on your end goal. For example, if it is to swing a bat better, learn how to follow through with your golf swing, get faster at agility exercises, or simply pick up your baby without straining your back, etc. Athletes have a tendency to perfect a certain movement pattern in the body. For example a golfer’s main objective is to hit the ball in the hole. Therefore, they will work on improving their range of motion, rotational exercises for the trunk and pelvis as well as the swing and follow through. This type of training can be applied and catered to everyone. I will teach you how to use your body efficiently to prevent injury and avoid overuse. This way it can be applied to everyday life.


Corrective Exercise Training is the key to functional mobility and structural integrity of human movement patterns. By studying the way the body moves naturally we are able to assess where the muscular imbalances originate and work to correct them. Every day we are putting repetitive stress on the body by carrying heavy bags, lifting things the wrong way, walking 15 blocks in shoes that are uncomfortable and fail to support our feet, among a myriad of others. This also applies to major athletes who put repetitive stress on their bodies as well as those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Due to lack of activity the muscles are not strong around the joints to support the info structure as a whole and as a result compensation occurs. If we fail to correct these patterns of movement/poor biomechanics this can lead to aches, pains, joint dysfunction making you more susceptible to injury. It is important that when you first start a fitness program that your main goal is to correct the problem areas so that they do not exacerbate in time when weight is added or movement patterns are challenged. By assessing these components before a fitness program is derived we can pinpoint where the weak links are in the body and create a program that is both safe and effective.


This is a full body workout targeting your hips, butt, thighs, and arms. It involves full body motions, which consist of lifting, swinging, rotating, and balancing by generating force and momentum against the weighted ball. You will feel muscles you have never felt before after this workout and it will definitely elevate your heart rate. Exercises are designed to work you in both your aerobic and anaerobic threshold so you burn more calories in a shorter period of time. This is a great tool to incorporate in any functional training workout to increase your endurance, stamina, and strength in the midst of creating a nice tone and definition in your arms and legs. It brings a whole new meaning to “functional training.”


Pilates Pilates Brooke Taylor is a certified STOTT PILATES ® Instructor Trainer certifying new instructors nationally and internationally. Functional Training Functional Training Designed to safely and effectively create exercises that mimic movements that aid in every day life or sports specific tasks. Pre / Post Natal Pre / Post Natal Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? Learn how to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy. Bootcamp Bootcamp Bootcamp is designed to challenge you mentally and physically through high circuit interval training utilizing your body weight. Bridal Shape Up Bridal Shape Up Ready to raise a few eyebrows and wow the crowd as you walk down the aisle? Working with my "bride to be" is my favorite. Weight Management Weight Management With this program we will bring you more in tune with your body and discover what you need to do. Marathon Training Marathon Training I will help you design a program and set attainable goals from your current running status/history.